Welcome to Spirit of Healing

Your body is the temple of your soul and the vehicle that transports you along your life path.  Consider treating yourself to a relaxing session to renew your body and soul soon.

Rei meaning God's Intelligence and Ki meaning Life Force Energy. God's intelligent energy is accessed by the practitioner, who, like a hollow tube, allows its flow to the client. It is absorbed by the client promoting a state of radient well being. Reiki reduces stress, and encourages relaxation of the mind, body and spirit and boosts the client's own life force energy. Reiki treatments help bring balance to one's body.

Services Offered:

Reiki Treatments


I hope to have the opportunity to be of service to you in the very near future.

May you be abundantly blessed with happiness, harmony, and excellent health.


The Spirit of Healing lives in many forms, She is the gentle touch of healing hands, She is the calming voice of guided meditation,
She is the music that soothes the soul, She is the eyes of compassion, She is the tool for empowerment, She is non-judgment,
She is encouragement, She is peace, She is harmony, She is understanding, She is hope, She is unconditional love.
Welcome and embrace her gifts,  For she will guide you to a place of peace.